Saturday, April 25, 2009

From Blah to Ahhh

A few weeks ago we set out to try our hand at growing some herbs again this season. Last year I only had moderate success in barely keeping alive a basil plant. What a measly plant, at that! I also managed to kill off cilantro, and the "unkillable", (according to several members of my family) mint. Yes I killed a mint plant! And it certainly hasn't been my first. Let it be known that green thumbs are not genetic! Back to my story, this year we started off with some Lemon Thyme, Chives, and a Serrano Pepper plant. See image below. There's something about greenery that livens up a townhouse patio, right? As we stood there trying to figure how to best arrange our new flora, JTK and I got to thinking...what if we rearranged some things? In a moment of mutual shared genius spiked with overtones of "why didn't we think of this before?!", we agreed to relocate the barbeque (to the smaller deck on the patio). This new layout would allow the herbs to get sun and maybe a bistro set to relax in. Voila!
I have to say if it weren't for the herbs we may not find the patio as appealing. Entrance to the house, laundry access, bicycle storage, and the behemoth barbeque have been the only uses our patio has received. Very utilitarian. But why the heck not make it look great? Someone needs to enjoy the company of these precious herb plants. A trip to the local imports stores (always a good excuse for shopping), and I also added some flair.

Note that we did also plant a mint plant in the corner...we'll see how this one prevails. Since the planting of the herbs, we've enjoyed several meals made with these yummy leaves.

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