Sunday, June 6, 2010

Treasures From a Pit Stop Bakery

Just take a look at the size of this cinnamon roll.

Yes, it was pretty much the size of my head. This bun, along with biscotti and a delicious sourdough baguette were our treats in hand in Freestone California's amazing Wild Flour Bread Bakery. Thanks for a nice Santa Rosan, we were directed to visit the bakery on our way to the Sonoma coastline. The setting of Wild Flour Bakery is idyllic, with its vineyard meets redwoods setting, charming garden, goats, and a pony -- it doesn't get much more appealing than this.

When you walk into Wild Flour, it seems you are instantly in a throng of people vying for tea, coffee, and/or delicious baked goods. After checking it out on Yelp, I'm certain this place is always busy. When we walked in, we could smell the "green goat" scone they were baking that day, featuring goat cheese, figs, and herbs. The inside of the bakery is almost like a big barn (maybe it was a barn once?), the ceilings and walls are adorned with paintings of birds, as if they're flying around the place. The most noticeable is a massive bird swarm above the bakery's famous wood burning oven. In the public area, there's a large communal picnic table, clean restroom and views of the huge open baking area, the front of which is filled with bustling staff and owners to take your order. The energy of the bakery is great, even though it's a very busy place.

As shown in the picture, I couldn't resist a cinnamon bun, especially after smelling it. The thing weighed nearly 3lbs (maybe more!). We went outside to a bench to eat our goods and sip tea, saving the delicious sourdough baguette for a snack later in the afternoon. After I consumed maybe a fifth of that yummy bun, we moseyed around the garden and appreciated the flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Here's a peak of what it's like!

Definitely one of the best "pit stops" ever. Makes me wonder, should one even refer to this place as a pit stop to somewhere else? I happen to think it's a destination in and of itself. The baked goods are expertly made, the service is awesome, and the setting is magical. Truly special. If you happen to be in the Sonoma wine country, be sure to put this place on your list to check out.

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Chelsea Biondolillo said...

You had me at that cinnamon roll. I hope I can visit this place some time, it sounds amazing!