Monday, September 15, 2008

OMG...We Went to Binkley's

Saturday was Jeffrey's birthday. As a surpirse gift, I trekked us up to Binkley's for a nice dinner. Wow. Nice is an underestimation. I wish I could adequately review this place. I think we will have to make another trip up there, perhaps armed with a camera (if they let us) before I can fully take it in and do the experience justice.

According to the Phoenix New Times, Binkley's is the winner of the "Lives up to the Hype" award. It certainly does. If you appreciate creative food expression, a fantastic dining value, and just darned great food, make sure to pay Kevin Binkley and crew a visit on your next trip to the Phoenix-area. In fact, I suggest you COME to Phoenix in order to go to Binkley's if the aforementioned attributes excite you.

I really can't even begin to review this place just yet. More on Binkley's later. Be certain when Jeffrey starts in with making his own food-flavored powders and gelees, I will harken back to the Binkley's moment of inspiration.

Bon Appetit and thank you Kevin Binkley.

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