Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tacos Pescado

The blogging has slowed a bit recently due to our recent trip to the Baja of Mexico. I thought I’d include a review of the fabulous fish taco from Ensenada – the birthplace of fish tacos according to local lore. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, he was down and out from some sort of bug and couldn’t be there for this. I know he’d have wanted me to execute with photo and all, so I set off our cruise ship on my own to see what I could find.

There were probably 10 different places to get a fish taco in my short stint around only a small part of Ensenada. The hilly seaside town has nothing extravagant compared to the scenic tourist haven of Cabo San Lucas; but there is a certain charm and a feeling of a true Mexican city. If you can get past the depressing site of children pedalling Chiclets, Ensenada is not a bad place to visit. Especially when you consider what kind of meal you can get for $1! I might add, I did not find the most rustic, “locals only” establishment, where no-doubt the fish tacos are cheaper and maybe even tastier.

I ordered up my fish taco at the window and for just a $1 I received a cooked-to-order fish taco in a soft corn tortilla, my favorite! It was delivered without any fixings so I was instructed to go inside and prepare it with my choice of toppings. The result included fresh cabbage, tomatillo salsa, jalapenos, and some taco sauce. I realize some folks out there may find this redundant…salsa, jalapenos and then some more sauce containing peppers. However, each of these flavors is unique and really, there weren’t many other choices. I quickly considered, and thinking of Jeffrey sick on the ship, I decided against the mayonnaise option.

The end result made a very nice meal. The taste was rich from the lightly fried fish with the fresh crunch of cabbage and the spicy tang of pickled jalapenos and sauces finished off the flavors nicely. I also find corn tortillas sweet, so really I was getting a full rounded flavor punch in this neatly packaged, bargain of a meal.

If you find yourself in Ensenada, do what the locals all recommend and be sure to get the fish tacos. Of course, they’re impossible to avoid if you enjoy authentic Mexican faire. Even if fish tacos weren’t really invented in Ensenada, it certainly makes a nice story while appreciating this simple and delicious treat.

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